How to Get Investors for Your Small Business

Know your potential investors 

Your potential investors must meet these prerequisites

  • They must be an accredited investor with experience.
  • Willingness to take a risk. 
  • Fore knowledge of your type of company, industry, and market.
  • A good investor must exercise patience as you journey on your path.

Be transparent

When you introduce your company and your financing needs to a potential investor, you should be able to summarize everything in a simple presentation that lasts just a few minutes.

Prepare all the documents that your investor may need

Prepare all the documents a potential investor would want to see such as your business plan, your budget, the use you’ll make of the investment, and the repayment term.

Tell your story

Ensure you share your stories, all entrepreneurs have stories to tell. Mention the challenges you have faced, future projects and how you plan to return the investment you’re requesting as well as your entrepreneurial strengths

Be courageous

Request for help whenever you need it, this is key when thinking on how to get investors for your small business. Keep in mind that every entrepreneur needs a great team as well as investors to really succeed. 

State the role of your investor

The role of your potential investor should be clearly defined from the start. If you want to get investors for your business, ask yourself the following questions: Are you willing to share ownership of your business with your investors? What will your investor provide you with is it business advice, or  capital?

Efunding Team