As an entrepreneur begins or grows their business, one decision they will make is do they need to obtain additional funding for their business. As there is a great number of options for a business owner, they can become confusing, overwhelming or simply non-known to the business owner.

eFunding Expertshelps cut through the confusion by providing a custom funding plan, known as a Funding Estimate, to the business owner. Seek Business Capital shall work on behalf of the business owner to obtain the funding from various 3rd party sources for the business owner. Our services are so successful that we have no upfront costs, meaning we work for free until we achieve the funding for the business owner. It’s this approach that allows the business owner to know that they have an expert team working for them with both parties having their goals aligned.

Our process is fairly simple; we conduct a deep analysis of the business/ business owners profile (assets, income, credit profile etc.) and from there, our team of underwriters will utilize our in-house developed Funding Calculator to provide a range based Funding Estimate. This Funding Estimate is provided to the business owner for their approval with details of funding amount, rates, terms etc. Upon the business owner’s approval, the applications can be submitted the same day with funds available to the business owner within 1-3 weeks.

  • It's Fast, secure and easy

eFunding Experts provides consulting services and funding procurement to small businesses across America. Our primary goal is to solve one basic problem: small businesses need fast access to financing!

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